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New Items


HERLOCHER'S DIPPING MUSTARD: Great as a dipp with pretzels, veggies, cheeses....

NEW HOPE MILLS: Quality Since 1823. Blueberry pancake mix. 24 oz.

Also New Pancake & Waffle Mix. Sugar Free - Controlled Carb 0g Sugar 3g Net Carbs 9 oz. box. Great Traditional Taste.

BOOKBINDER'S: Seafood Bisque. Established 1865. Semi-condensed 10.5 oz.

KRAFT: Macaroni & Cheese Dinner. Real Kraft cheese sauce and ridged elbow macaroni finished with a crunchy bread crumb topping. Hearty Four Cheese Sauce. 12.6 oz.

BOBOLI: Original Pizza Sauce. 3 Pre-measured packs for three large pizzas. net wt 15 oz.

OLDE CAPE COD: All natural Soup & Chowder Oyster crackers. Westminster crackers. Established 1828. The restaurant crackers you love! 0g Trans Fat. 8 oz.

QUAKER: Instant Hot Cereal. Cinnabon - the delicious flavor of cinnabon with the creamy goodness of cream of wheat. Mix-Up Creations - instant oatmeal mix any 2 packets to creat your own oatmeal. Apple Cranberry Almond Hearty Medleys - Fruits and nuts instant mulitgrain hot cereal.

Also Chocolate Swirl flavored with other natural flavors made with real cocoa. No high fructose corn syrup. 8g Whole Grains. 10 Granola bars.

MRS. RENFRO'S: Gourmet Salsas. Ft. Worth, TX. All Natural 16 oz. Medium. Roasted Garlic, Tequila, Raspberry Chipotle, or Mango Habanero Flavors.

FIRESIDE BAKING COMPANY: Golden Round snack crackers 16 oz., Original Grahams 14 oz., Cinnamon Grahams 14.4 oz., Iced Oatmeal baked Cookies 14 oz., Lemon Cream or Vanilla Cream Sandwich Cookies 32 oz.

BISQUICK: GLUTEN FREE - Pancake and Baking Mix. 16 oz.

YOPLAIT YOGURT: Low Fat Yogurt - vitamins A & D - No artificial flavors or swsstners - No high fructose corn syrup. strawberry Sunday or Rainbow Sherbet. 4 - 3.25 oz. servings

ALSO: Black Forest Cake.

FIRESIDE BAKING COMPANY: GOLDEN ROUND SNACK CRACKERS. Delicious homestyle snack crackers with an oven baked buttery taste. 16 oz.

KEEBLER: Town House Flatbread crisps crackers oven-baked. Sea Salt & Olive Oil or Italian Herb. 9.5 oz.

STUBB'S: Moppin' Sauce Bar-B-Q Baste. 12 oz.


CARDINI'S: ALL NATURAL. Asian Sesame dressing. No msg added 12oz. Creator of the caesar salad since 1924.

BLUE DIAMOND: Natural Luscious Taste! Smart Choice. Smooth & Creamy Unsweetened Vanilla or Original - Almond Breeze. Only 40 Calories.

G SERIES: For athletes. for performance. Gatorade Recover 03. Lemon-Lime Orange or Mixed Berry. Post-Game Protein RecoveryBeverage.

LA PREFERIDA: Cream of coconut. A taste of the tropics! 15 oz.

INGLEHOFFER: Creamy Dill Mustard with capers. 4 oz. Creamy Dill Mustard.

HODGSON MILL: Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix with Milled Flax Seed. Excellent Source of Omega-3 Oils. 450mg. Premium Quality Since 1882. Low Fat - Cholesterol Free _ Whole Grain. 16 oz.

Also: Brownie Mix with low sodium, moist - rich- delicious.

NONNI'S: Biscotti. Cinnamon Dolce. A crunchy Treat Bursting with Ground Cinnamon Topped with a string of white icing.

STICKY FINGERS BAKERIES: Premium Mix. Cinnamon Raisin Scones. Quick & easy. Just add Water, Mix, & Bake. 16 oz.

TEXAS: Chili Seasoning Mix 1.75 oz. (50g)

SARA LEE FRESH IDEAS: 100 % NATURAL CHEESE. Aged Swiss or Smoked Provolone. Custom Thin Slices 8 oz.

CHEF HEF'S GOURMET BBQ SAUCE: This is the locally created and bottled orange chocolate port sauce that was written up in the Syracuse Post Standard. This is another CNY food that we are so proud to offer our customers!

RAMONA'S KICKIN' CHICKEN RIGGIE SAUCE: This is the famous CNY made riggie sauce that was praised in the Syracuse Post Standard. You will find it located with our wide variety of pasta sauces in aisle 4.

BAUDUCCO TOAST: Mulit-Grain or Whole Wheat. 0% trans fat, No Cholesterol.

SHUR FINE: 100% Juice from concentrate with added Vitamin C. Apple Juice. 48 oz.

Also: Good Choice Original or Cinnamon Oat Cereal. Low Fat, Excellent Source of Iron and 5 B Vitamins.

BENNETTS: Premium Sauces. Creamy Tarter Sauce. New look, same great taste. 10.5 oz.

EMERIL'S: All Natural Three Cheese Pasta Sauce. 25 oz.

BREW DOG: PUNK IPA. Post modern classic pale ale. Product of Scotland. Alc. 6% by vol.

MAUDITE: Ale on lees 8% alc. by vol. 1 pt. 9.4 fl. oz. 750 ml.

SAMUEL ADAMS LONGSHOT: American Homebrew contest. Take a shot to be the next winner!

BAR-TENDER'S: Instant Daiquiri Mix. 8 Individual pouches.

DOLE: Real Fruit Bites with yogurt and Whole Grain Oats. Pineapple Chunks, MANGO CHUNKS, OR APPLE CHUNKS.

OLD EL PASO: Since 1938. 15 Stand 'N Stuff Taco Shells. And: Hard & Soft Taco Dinner Kit.


NESTLE' JUICY JUICE: All Natural 100% Juice. Orange Tangerine or Apple. 48 oz.

Also 64 oz. Tropical or Mango.

LAND O' FROST SELECT: Honey smoked white turkey, Smoked Ham, Smoked white turkey or Honey smoked ham. 3 oz.

Also: Premium Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, Cooked Ham or Smoked Ham. Lean * Cured 16 oz.

RED STRIPE LIGHT: The Lighter Taste of Jamaica. Imported Jamaican Lager. Hooray Light Beer!

BUFFALO BILL'S BREWERY: Orange Blossom Cream Ale.

SAMUEL ADAMS: Coastal Wheat Brewed with Lemons from California. New Style.

HARPOON: I.P.A. India Pale Ale. Love Beer. Love Life. Harpoon.

POLAND'S FINEST: All Natural Polish Dill Pickles 30.4 oz.

8th CONTINENT SOYMILK: Good Source of Protein. Original or Chocolate. Contains ingredients that can help lower cholesterol. World taste championships. 3-26

SMIRNOFF: Premium malt Mixed drinks. Blueberry & Lemonade, Classis Lemonade, or Cranberry & Lime.

SENECA FARMS: Authentic Crisp Onions made from farm fresh onions. Top salads, soups, steaks, burgers and much more.

ORTEGA: Whole Grain and Whole Wheat Hard & Soft Taco Kit.

Also: SpongeBob Whole Grain Corn Taco Kit.

HUNT'S: Classic Italian Four Cheese. 26 oz.

RAO'S: Homemade "All Natural, Premium Quality" Tomatoe Basil. Marinara Sauce with Basil. 24 oz.

LAWRY'S: 30 minute Marinade. Herb & Garlic, Lemon Pepper, or Teriyaki.

SHUR FINE: Wing Sauce original Blend.

Also: Fancy Green Diced Chiles 4 oz.

HOT-KID: Cholesterol & Gluten Free Rice Crisps. Natural. Great Taste. Oven Baked. Low Fat. 3.5 oz.

ALSO: Organic Baby Mum-Mum Original Organic Rice Rusks.

DIXIE FRY: Original Recipe. Naturally seasoned coating mix. 10 oz.

GEM: Canola Oil. Cook with confidence. 2L.

LIFEWAY FARMER CHEESE: In deli dept. Probiotic - No Salt Added.

GREEK GODS GREEK YOGURT: Traditional, Plain or Honey & Strawberry. All Natural. 5 Live & Active Cultures Including Probiotics.

BARBARA'S BAKERY: Puffins Peanut Butter Cereal. Low Fat. Wheat Free. 100% Natural Crunchy Corn Cereal. 11oz.

Also: Ultima Organic Pomegranate now with Organic Cranberries. More than 50% of your daily whole grain needs.

ZATARAIN'S: A New Orleans Style Jambalaya Mix - Mild. 15% more than leading rice mix product. 8 oz.

KELLOGG'S SPECIAL K: Fruit Crisps Blueberry. Naturally and Artificially flavored. 100 Calories per pouch. 10 Fruit crisps.

DOLE FRUIT CRISP: Apple Pear with crunchy oat topping Apple Cinnamon or Pineapple mango. 2 bowls inside. enjoy hot or cold.

MANISCHEWITZ: Quality Since 1888. Kosher for passover and all year round. Matzo Ball Mix. 5 oz.

NABISCO RITZ MUNCHABLES: Pretzel Crisps - Pretzel outside and Cracker inside. Buttery Flavor or Cheesy Sour Cream & onion.

NATURE VALLEY SWEET & SALTY NUT: Granola Bars. Dark Chocolate, Peanut & Almond or Oats 'N Dark Chocolate.

NESQUIK: 4pack Chocolate Low Fat Milk - Calcium & Vitamin D fortified.

BONNE MAMAN: Four Fruits Preserves. Product of France 13 oz.

MACKAYS: 100 % Natural Fruit Scottish Raspberry Preserve. 12 oz.

CARDINI'S: All Natural Since 1924. Creator of the caesar salad. Aged Parmesan Ranch Dressing. 12 oz.

SIMPLY ASIA: Spicy Kung Pao or Sesame Teriyaki. 11 oz. Ready in 10 Minutes. Premium Natural.

CRYSTAL FARMS: SIMPLY POTATOES - Fresh Potatoes. Never Frozen. Traditional, Sour Cream, or Garlic.

Also: Never Frozen. Fresh Red Potato Wedges or Shredded Hash Browns. 20 oz.

Also: Simply Macaroni & Cheese Creamy Homestyle Made with real cheese.

DOVE BAR: Vanilla with Dark Chocolate or Vanilla with Milk Chocolate. 8.67 fl oz. 3pk.

Mrs. T's: Potato & 4 Cheese Blend Mini Pierogies. Delicious Whipped Potatoes Blended with Cheddar, parmesan, Romano and swiss cheeses gently folded in a mini pasta shell. 12.84 oz.

INTERNATIONAL DELIGHT COFFE CREAMER: Coffee House Inspirations. Caramel Macchiato or Skinny Caramel Macchiato. 16 oz.

KRAFT PHILADELPHIA MIMIS: Regular or 1/3 less fat 5 oz.

DELALLO: Sun Ripened California Chunky Style Crushed Tomatoes. 28 oz.

CORA: Roasted Red Peppers Whole. 9 oz.

TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS: Organic Smooth Move Senna. Herbal Stimulant Laxative Tea.

ORVILLE REDENBACHER'S: Gourmet Popping Corn - 100% Whole Grain - No artifical ingredients - microwave. Lime & Salt or Cheddar Cheese.

KEEBLER WHEATABLES: NUT CRISPS CRACKERS. TOASTED PECAN OR ROASTED ALMOND. Naturally and artificially flavored. Made with stone - ground wheat.

DANNON ACTIVIA: Nonfat Yogurt with fructose sucralose, aspartame & acesulfame potassium - 1/3 fewer calories than regular lowfat yogurt - Light FatFree - raspberry. 4-4oz cups.

CHOBANI GREEK YOGURT: All Natural 2%. Pineapple. 6 oz.

YOPLAIT: Light Fat Free Red Velvet Cake.

BREYERS LOWFAT YOGURT: with chocolate flavored chips. Inspiration - All natural with a touch of real cream. 1% milkfat * Live Active Cultures. Mint Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Chip.

ALSO: YOCRUNCH 100 Calorie Packs with Natural Lowfat Granola. Strawberry or Vanilla.

EGG BEATERS: 100% Liquid egg whites - 5g protein * 25 Calories per serving. Smart Nutrition with real eggs. Great Taste! Pasteurized Egg Whites. 16 oz.

CHEVRAI: WOOLWICH DAIRY INC. Soft Unripened Goat Cheese Crumbles. Canada's Leading Goat Cheese Producer. Est. 1983. Keep refrigerated net wt. 4 oz.

STONYFIELD: YOKIDS SQUEEZERS ORGANIC LOWFAT YOGURT. 2% MILKFAT VITAMIN D ADDED. 8 portable tubes, no artificial ingrendents or preservatives just real natural yummy yogurt. 2-2

LIBBY'S: Whloe Kernel Succotash. Farm Fresh Goodness.

Reese: Clementine Oranges in light syrup.11 oz.

PAPPY'S SASSAFRAS: Concentrate instant tea. 0-Carbs - No-Sugar. 12 oz. Refreshing as spring...all year 'round.

LOO'ZA: Banana, Apricot, Pear, Peach, or Mango Nectar. 33.8 fl oz.

FLORA: ITALIAN FOODS - ITALIAN LOVE KNOTS. Product of Italy. Pepper Taralli or Fennel Taralli.


MY FAMILY'S SEASONINGS, INC.: Gourmet Seasoning - All Natural - No MSG - Gluten Free - No Preservatives. 3.6 oz net. wt. Pork, Hamberger, Lamb, Poultry, Prime Rib, or Seafood.


UNCLE BEN'S: Ready Whole Grain Medley Pouch. Roasted Garlic flavored. Brown rice, red & black quinoa, with garlic & herb seasoning. Cooks in 90 minutes.

CHOBANI: Greek Yogurt - All natural - Pomegranate 6oz.

SOUTHERN TIER BREWING COMPANY: Imperial Choklat Stout - a stout brewed with chocolate. Black Water Series.The Ancients called it "Food for the Gods"

TROEGS INDEPENDENT CRAFT BREWERY: Hop Back Amber Ale, Troegenator Doublebock,or Nugget Nectar ale. 6pks.

PETRI OLD FASHION SOFT COOKIES: Oatmeal Raisin, Chewy Sugar, Soft Sugar, Soft Molasses, Chewy Molasses, Oatmeal, Iced Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, or Dutch Cocoa. 10 oz.


FIBER ONE CHEWY BARS: 90 Calorie, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 20% daily value of Fiber. Naturally Flavored.

WHEATIES FUEL: The Breakfast of Champions. Lightly Sweetened Crunchy Whole Wheat Flakes and crisp rice with real honey and cinnamon.

KELLOGG'S SPECIAL K: Low Fat Granola with a touch of Honey. 50% Less Fat than leading Granola.

GENERAL MILLS: Chocolate Cheerios made with real cocoa and whole grain corn.

NABISCO: NEW! RITZ CRACKERS Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Naturally Flavored.

KEURIG: Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System. Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa or Earl Grey Tea.

BROOKS HOUSE OF BBQ: Spiedie Marinade.

LEE KUM KEE: Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce or Panda Brand Hoisin Sauce.

STELLA D'ORO: 100 Calorie Pack Breakfast Treats. Chocolate Cookies.

REESE: Whole Grain Italian Herb Croutons. Premium Large Cut. No Artificial Preservatives.

SYLVIA'S RESTAURANT: Hush Puppies. "There's Nothing Quiet About This Flavor." Restaurant Reciee Mix 10 oz.

ZATARAIN'S: A New Orleans Tradition * Since 1889. Seasoned Fish- Fri. Lemon Pepper. Crispy & Delicious. 12 oz.

RICHARD'S: Marinade Tenderizer made in Vermont. Game Sauce. net wt. 1 lb. 2 oz.

BOSS SAUCE: Gourmet After-Sauce. Kosher. Mild or Hot. 16 oz.

DELALLO: Lasagna enriched macaroni product with superior quality since 1950. 16 oz.

Also Hot Pepperoncini.

CANTARE': Baked Brie. Cheese wrapped in French Brioche. Apple, Cinnamon, Raisin & Brandy or Cranberries, Apricots, Almonds & Brandy. 15 oz.

MAPLE LEAF CHEESE: White Cheddar Cheese. Double Milled Aged Cheddar. 8 oz. Cranberry or Blueberry.

CORA: Banana Pepper Ring. 9 oz.

DAVINCI: ROTINI product of Italy. 100% Durum Wheat Semolina. Enriched macaroni product. 16 oz.

SARTORI: Artisan Cheese Since 1939, Aged at least 8 months. You will find this in our DELI Department. BELLAVITANO in Merlot or Raspberry.

CANTARE: Tuscan Baby Baked Brie en Croute. 5 oz.


LUIGI GIOVANNI: Pasta sauce 26 oz. Traditional, Mushroom, Meat Flavored or Onion & Garlic.

CASALE: Roasted Red Peppers in Olive Oil with Garlic. 12 oz.

JELL-O: Mousse Temptations a mousse snack. Artifical flavor. 6 servings. Net Wt 13.8 oz. Caramel Creme or Chocolate Indulgence.

STONYFIELD: Since 1983. Organic Nonfat Yogurt Vitamin D added. Smooth and Creamy Fat Free. Plain 32 oz. Also 6 oz. size in Lemon or Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Flavored.

SMART BALANCE: Sour Cream Regular or Reduced Fat. Rich & Creamy, Excellent source of Omega-3s+, Calcium, Vitamins D & E. Net Wt 16 oz.

Fiber One: Lowfat Cottage Cheese with Fiber 1% Milkfat Minimum. 20% Daily value of fiber. 80 calories. 16 oz.

LEE KUM KEE PANDA BRAND: Sauce for Broccoli Beef, Sauce for Mu Shu Chicken, Sauce for Mongolian Beef, or Dressing for Chinese Chicken Salad. 11-13



HORMEL: NEW MASTERS! Chili Three Bean, Chipotle Chicken, Roasted Tomato or White Chicken.

STELLA D'ORA: Almond Delight Cookies, Roasted Garlic Breadsticks, or Cinnamon Raisin Toast Coffee Treats.

KRAFT: Light Parmesan Asiago Balsamic Vinaigrette reduced fat dressing. No artificial Preservatives.

Natural Directions: All Natural ready to serve chunky Soup. Vegetable Beef, Chicken & Rice, or Chicken Noodle.

ALSO All Natural Medium or Mild Salsa.

BUD LIGHT GOLDEN WHEAT: 6pk. 12 oz. bottles or 12 pk

MOLSON CANADIAN X: Xplicit taste. 6.0 % alc. by vol. 8-8.5 fl.oz. cans

PEPPERIDGE FARM: Tim Tam Caramel or Chocolate Creme. Alstralia's Favorite Cookie. 7 oz.

or Homestyle Cookies in Linzer Raspberry or Almond.

Sur Fine: Fancy White Potatoes Diced 15 oz. can.

Wheat Crackers Multigrain 9 oz.

Snack Crackers Wheat or Roasted Vegetable Snack Crackers. 15 oz. box.

HAWAIIAN PUNCH: Gelatin in Orange Ocean or Fruit Juicy Red Dessert Mix. 2.75 oz box. Excellent source of vitamin C.

ARIZONA: Lemon Iced Tea, Diet Green Tea W/Ginsing, or Arnold Palmer. All 64 oz.

Sommer Maid: All Natural Pasteurized Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese Net Wt.48oz.(3lbs.) also 48% Vegetable Oil Spread 48oz.

Also Pasteurized Cream Cheese 8 oz.

Green Giant: 100% Natural Valley Fresh Steamers. Garden Vegetable Medley or Basil Vegetable Medley.

Green Giant: Just for one. 4 trays per pack. 40 calories per serving. Steams in the tray. Cauliflower and cheese sauce or peas & corn and basil butter sauce.

Marie Callender's: Home-style creations soup. classic stroganoff, traditional stuffing & turkey, or garlic herb chicken. microwaveable.

Shur Saving: Peeled Diced Tomatoes 28 oz. or 14.5 oz.

Campbell's Soup: Select Harvest Healthy Request Chicken with whole grain pasta.

Shur Fine: Choice Tomatoes Diced Chili Ready 14.5 oz.

Hershey's: Kisses with meltaway velvety smooth chocolate center. 11oz.

Chung's All Natural: Spring Rolls. Vegetable or Shrimp. Sweet & Sour Sauce Packets Included. High in Dietary Fiber. Also Egg Rolls in white meat chicken or shrimp.

Betty Crocker: Homestyle Reds. 100% Real Mashed Potatoes with a blend of red and russet potatoes with butter & natural flavors. A good source of fiber. Great taste for 4 in just 3 minutes, microwavable, just add water.

Con Yeager Spice: Meat processing kit. For home preparation of Wild Game, Beef & Pork. Complete seasoning kit for 10 lbs of meat. Hickory or Hillbilly Jerky flavors.

Bob Evans: Thick Sliced hardwood smoked bacon. 24 oz.

Hinerwadels: Famous Mini Salt Potatoes 2.5oz bag. Best if kept refrigerated.

Cheese Merchants Cucina Andolina: Premium Cheese Products, Imported Parmesan Grated Cheese. Net wt. 5lbs.

Alouette: Goat Cheese. Made with natural ingedients. Crumbled Cheese with a convenient shaker top 3.5 oz.

President's Prosciutto Panino: Prosciutto rolled in mozzarella cheese. Ready to eat.

Mini Babybel: The laughing cow. semi-soft light cheese.

Dean's Dips: Cheddar Cheese or Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip. Keep refrigerated, perishable. 12 oz.

HELUVA GOOD: Naturally Aded Cheese. LOW SODIUM CHEDDAR CHEESE. 97 % less Sodium per serving. 8 oz.

Betty Crocker Create-A-Bug: Fruit Flavored snacks. 90 calories per pouch. Excellent source of vitamin C. Fat Free. Gluten Free. Naturally & Artificially Flavored Strawberry, Grape, Cherry, Orange.

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, or Gluten Free Cake Mix (yellow or Devils Food.)

Stauffer's Snack Crackers: Chicken flavored or Cheddar Cheese. 16oz.

Sunshine Cheez-it: New Baked Snack Crackers made with 5g of Whole Grain per serving. Contains 100% real cheese. 13.7 oz.

Nonni's Biscotti: Authentic Italian Family Recipe. Turtle Pecan or Limone. Light and crunchy. 110 calories. All natural. Individually wrapped.

Shur Fine: Green Tea Sugar sweetened iced tea mix with honey & natural lemon flavor.

Dark Chocolate Brownie mix. Just add eggs, oil, and water.

Crunchy Morning Medley. Crunchy sweetened wheat flakes with raisins & oat clusters.

Keebler Town House: Flipsides pretzel crackers, garlic herb. 11.7 oz.

Nabisco Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme: Artifically Flavored Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. Limited Edition. 12 oz.

Castleberry's: American Originals Hot Dog Chili Sauce Classic.

Yoplait: Delights Parfait low yogurt with sucrolose & other sweetener 1% milkfat vitamins A&D added. Triple Berry Creme or Creme Caramel. 100 calories per serving.

Jif Omega-3: Creamy peanut butter with omega-3 DHR & EPA. net wt 18 oz.

Splenda Brown Sugar Blend: A mix of SPLENDA brand sweetner & Brown Sugar. Use Half a cup in place of 1 Cup of Brown Sugar. 1/2 the sugar!

Kellogg's Corn Flakes: 100% Natural, touch of honey. 12 oz.

General Mills Cereal: Multigrain Cheerios. 5 whole grains lightly sweetened. 110 calories. 100% Daily value of 10 Vitamins & Minerals. 16.2 oz.

Sprinkles Cookie Crisp. The Great taste of vanilla Cookies & Milk. Naturally & Artificially flavored sweetened Cereal. 12.2 oz.

Post Cereals: Shredded Wheat spoon size. Vanilla Almond made with real vanilla and other natural flavor, with almonds baked in. 19.5 oz.

Honey Bunches Of Oats Cereal. Crispy flakes, Crunchy Oats & a touch of Honey with pecan bunches! 14.5 oz.

Bertolli: Classico olive oil or Extra Light tasting Olive Oil. 17 fl.oz.

Kona Brewing Co.: Fire Rock Pale Ale, Liquid Aloha. 6pk. or Longboard Island Larger.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale: A full-bodied brown ale brewed with real pumpkin, brown sugar, allspice cinnamon & nutmeg. 4pk.

Bush Beer: 16oz cans. Cold as a mountain stream smooth as its name.

The Original Twisted Tea: Hard Iced Tea. 24oz can. Malt beverage with select teas and natural flavors. 5% Alcohol by volume. True iced tea taste. Original recipe.

Little Hug 6 pks: 6-8 fl oz bottles. Flavors are Punch, Blue Raspberry, or Orange. 8/05

4C Totally Light: Cranberry Pomegranate, Green Tea or Lemonade. 7 tubes makes 14 quarts. Sugar Free Sweetened with Splenda. 100 % Vitamin C, 0 Calories , 0 carbs. Also 4C bonus variety pack. 24 packets/4 flavors. 8/5

Healthy Choice: Hearty Vegetable Barley Soup. 3/4 cup of vegetables, 140 calories 430mg sodium per serving. 8/5

Delallo Pasta Sauce: Imported Italian Pasta Sauce Made in Italy. Primavera, Tomato Basil, Porcini Mushroom or Roasted Garlic.

LaPreferida: Enchilada Sauce Mix just add tomato paste and water. Also Refried Black Beans. 8/5

Kellogg's Special K Bar: Chocolatey Pretzel 90 Calories per bar. 6 per box.

Bookbinder's: Restaurant Style Seafood Peper Pot Semi-condensed soup. Add water. 10.5 oz.

Campbell's Chunky Soup: Soup that eats like a meal. Roasted Beef Tips with Vegetables. Made with lean meat. 18.8 oz.

Sticky Fingers Bakeries: Pumpkin Spice or Apple Cinnamon Scones. Original since 1987. Quick & easy. Just add water, mix & bake. Premium Mix. 8/5

Nestle' Women's Wellness: Rich Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Caramel, or Dark Chocolate flavors. Excellent source of calcium, Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E, B6, B12 & Iron. Hot Cocoa Mix. 8/5

London Pub: Olde English Malt Vinegar. Traditional British Flavor. NET 12.7 fl oz. 8/5

Green Mountain Coffee: Hot Cocoa in K-cup portion packs for Keurig Brewers. Deliciously Simple. 8/5 Also gourmet single cup in Breakfast Blend.

Nabisco Wheat Thins Flatbread: Garlic & Parsley or Tuscan Herb. 5.5 oz. Crackers.

Kashi Heart to Heart: Whole Grain Crackers. 8 oz. Original or Roasted Garlic.

New York The Original Texas Toast: Tortilla Strips. Chili Lime or Chipotle Cheddar. 4.5 oz 8/5

Healthy Choice Soup: Tomato Basil or Traditional Lentil. microwave and serve. 14 oz. Also Tomato Basil in 15 oz. can 6-17

Alexia Crunchy Snacks: Onion Strips in Savory Seasoned or Waffle Fries in Aged Cheddar Cheese or Classic Ranch. 6-12

Nabisco: Ritz crackerfuls in classic cheddar also four cheese. 100 Calorie Pack in Sweet & Salty Mix Kettle flavor baked snacks. 6-12

Betty Crocker: Fruit Roll-ups stickerz fruit flavored snacks 6-12

Also Fruit by the foot flavor kickers in Berry Blast. Fruit flavored snacks. 8/8

Tastes of Asia: Sesame Teriyaki, Roasted Peanut, Spicy Kung Pao, or Soy Ginger. Pre cooked asian noodles. Heat and serve. ready in 2 minutes. fork and bowl included. microwaveable.

Betty Crocker: loaded mashed, 80 calories per serving. Made with 100% real mashed potatoes seasoned with cheese, bacon, chives, sour cream & natural flavors. 4 servings, great taste in 3 minutes.

General Mills Total: Blueberry Pomegranate. Naturally and artificially Flavored. Crispy Whole Grain flakes and crunchy fruit flavored clusters. 6-14

Shot Spot: Instant Carpet Stain & oder eliminator. Works great on pet stains. safe for children Environmentally Friendly. pump or aerolsol. 6-13

Lay's Baked: New Southwestern Ranch with baked-in flavor. 8 3/4 oz. 6-13

Herr's Snacks: Multi grain Dippers Tortilla Chips and Black Pepper Barbecue Flavored Dippers Tortilla Chips. 6-13

Duncan Hines: Moist Deluxe Confetti Cupcakes, Classic Yellow, or Devil's Food. 9 oz. makes 12 cupcakes. Chocolate Chip Cookies makes 16. Brownies Chewy Fudge makes 12. 5-25

Pillsbury Simply: Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies. makes 12 cookies. 0g trans fat* No high frutose corn syrup* No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.14oz. in our Dairy Isle. 6-18 . Also new Grands! Honey Butter Biscuits.

Land o Lakes: Butter with Olive oil. 7oz. Spreadable Butter with canola oil. 15oz. Pure and Creamy Margarine. 15oz. Light Butter with canola oil. 8oz. 6-15

Polaner All Fruit: 100 % All Natural Fruit Spread Black Cherry, Seedless Strawberry, Seedless Raspberry, and Orange Marmalade. 6-22

Mackays: 100% Natural Fruit Scottish Strawberry preserve with Champagne, Three Berry preserve, Lime and Lemon Marmalade. 12oz. 6-13

Gillian's: Wheat Free, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Quiche & pie Crust, Pizza Crust, and Pizza Dough. 6-13

Shurfine: Hand Made Style Whole Wheat Fajita Style Tortillas. 16 oz. 6-17

Gardenburger: Black Bean Chipotle Veggie Burgers. Keep Frozen. 6-17

Gluten Free Cafe': Lemon Basil Chicken or Fettuccini Alfredo. All Natural. 6-20

Healthy Choice: Fresh Mixers, Tuscan Style Chicken. Tomato Cream Sauce with White Meat Chicken & Pasta. Freshly Prepared Meal Creations. 6-22

LA CHOY: Creations flavors: Sweet & Sour Chicken, Rice with pineapple and red peppers in sweet & sour sauce (just add chicken to all) Asian Fried Rice, rice with vegetables in seasoned sauce. Teriyaki Chicken, rice & sesame seeds in teriyaki sauce. 6-24

Equal Exchange: awaken your consciousness with French Vanilla coffee. 6-25

Arizona Tea: Pomegranate Green Tea with Natural Flavors. Diet Green Tea with Ginseng. Iced Tea With Lemon Flavored. Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey. 6-25

Cora: "A Family Tradition". Fettuccine Nests or Angel Hair Nests in 16 oz. 6-25

Ragu': Old World Style Sauce. Margherita or Sweet Tomato Basil. 6-25

Tiger * Tiger: Fish Sauce. A uniquely Thai, mild flavore to enhance all savory dishes. 6-25

Cholula: Hot Sauce. Chipotle or Chili Lime 5oz. 6-24

Starbucks Coffee: Ice Cream, one pint. Mocha Frappuccino, Coffee, Caramel Macchiato, Java Chip Frappuccino. 6-24

Skinny Cow: Skinny Dippers 12 bars. 80 Calories 3g Fat 0g Trans Fat. 6-24

Friendly's Dessert Roll: Lemonade Roll. Refreshing Lemon Sherbet with Lemon Bursts and our Premium Lemon Ice Cream. 6-25

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice: Roasted chicken with carrots & Herbs. Just Microwave in the pouch for 90 sec. 5/29

Silk Soymilk: natural - very vanilla - Cholesterol-free - calcium enriched - vitamin Fortified - 1/2 gal. 5/28

Stonyfield Farm Organic: Lowfat strawberry with other natural flavors, smooth & creamy. 32 oz. 5/28

Roland Escargots Snails:4.4oz. 5/28

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites: Honey Nut 14.5 oz. 5/28

Thomas' Season's Best: Mixed Berry Muffins. Naturally & Artificially Flavored. New Limited Edition. 5/21

Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats: 100 calorie thin rolls. 8 pre-sliced rolls. Soft 100 % Whole Wheat, 7 Grain or Soft Oatmeal. 5/28

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers: Sweet Hickory BBQ Chicken, Steak Portobello, Chicken Cacciatore. Freshly Prepared Meal Creations serving size for one. 5/26

Thomas' Hearty Grains Bagels: Harvest Fruit. Excellent Source of Antioxidant - Vitamins A & E. 5/26

Twisted Tea Backyard Batch: A slightly sweetened, sun-brewed style hard ice tea. 5/26

Smirnoff Ice Mango: New 5/26

Bacardi Silver: Signature Lemonade cocktail. 5/26

Smuttynose Brewing Co.: Star Island Single Hand crafted in New Hampshire. 5/26

Hunt's Snack Pack: Gel Snacks-Cherry, Strawberry 4 pk. Pudding 12 pk Chocolate Fudge & Mikk Chocolate Swirl. 4-pks flavors Chocolate & Vanilla Triples & Ice cream Sandwich. Liquid Fudge, Caramel Cream, Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate Fudge. also Fat Free Vanilla. 5/26

Smartfood Popcorn Clusters: Cranberry Almond - naturally flavored - Calcium & Fiber 5g. 5/5

Entenmann's Little Bites: 100 calorie soft baked chocolate chip muffins. 0g trans fat - no high fructose corn syrup - made with real chocolate. 5/5

Reese Homestyle Caesar: Premium large cut croutons. No artifical Preservatives. 5/5

Freihofer's 100% Whole Wheat with Honey: Heart Healthy - since 1913 - Diets rich in whole grains foods and other plant foods and low in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. 5/5

Progresso: Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs - Italian Style. 5/5

All-Seasoning: New York Style Steak Seasoning. 11oz. 5/5

Red Stripe: Imported Larger 4pk 1 pt cans. 5/5

Comstock: More Fruit Lite Cherry Pie Filling of Topping. 1/3 less calories than regular cherry pie filling. 5/5

Better'n Peanut Butter: 85% less fat - 40% less calories than peanut butter. 5/5

Lakeview Farms: Sugar Free Lime or Mandarin Orange Gelatin. Naturally Flavored. 5/5 in Deli dept.

Tru Whip: All Natural Whipped Topping 10 oz. 0g Trans fat - no hydrogenated oils - no gmo's - Made with 70% Organoc Ingerdients. 5/5

Mediterranean Delights: Baba Ganouj - Vegetarian - Naturally Made in Vermont - all natural. Kosher. 5/5

Ciao Bella: Finest Ice creams & sorbets. Strawberry - Fragola Gelato. also Vanilla and Chocolate. 5/5

Glutenfreeda's Real Cookies: Natural ingedients pre-formed cookie dough just bake and devour! Always Gluten Free! Wheat Free! - Dairy Free! Peanut, Paul & Mary and Sugar Kookies. 5/5

BelGioiso: Classic Italian Cheses Made in the U.S.A. - 20 Big slices of fresh Mozzarella - Sliced and ready to serve. 5/5

House Foods: Tofu Shirataki Angel Hair Shaped Noodle Substitute. 8oz. 20 calories 3g carbs 2g fiber per serving. Perishable keep refrigerated. 5/5

Pepperidge Farms Sliders: Mini Sandwich Buns - Perfect for any Sandwich. 15 oz. 12 ct. bag. Wheat or White. 5/4

Pacific Treasure Tail-On Shrimp: #2 Bags. Uncooked 16-20 ct. Cooked 21-25 ct. 5/4

Stroehmann Dutch Country 100% Whole Wheat Bread: Double the fiber of our 100% Whole Wheat. 40% of your DV (10 Grams) in each 2 slice serving. Heart Healthy. 4/27

Imagine Natural Creations: Organic Soup. Creamy Broccoli and Tomato. 4/27

Wells Banana Bread Beer: Beer Brewed With Bananas. Alc. By Vol. 5.2%. 4/27

Chobani Greek Yogurt: All Natural. Honey Non-fat. in the Deli Dept. 4/27

Lombardi"s Italian Classics: Mascarpone. Italian Style Cream Cheese. Ideal with muffins, breads, fresh fruit, coffee, desserts and more! In our Deli Dept.

River Valley: Premium 100% Pure Florida Pasteurized Orange Juice not from concentrate. also Calcium Added.

Olivio: Made with olive oil, naturally! Olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet - a diet that helps people live longer and healthier lives. Olivio's unique formulation with extra light olive oil produces a rich spread with a delicious buttery taste.

Nestle Ice Cream Push-up: Creamy Delights. Milk Chocolate & Double Chocolate. 9 Tubes of Frozen Dairy Dessert. Excellent source of Calcium. 90 calories per tube. Natural Flavors & colors.

Great Lakes Brewing Co.: Dortmunder Gold, Eliot Ness Amber Lager, Edmund Fitzgerald, Commodore Perry, Burning River Pale Ale, and The Sampler.

Stouffer's Lean Cuisine: One dish Favorites New. Linguine Carbonara and Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Chicken.

Stouffer's Corner Bistro: Pepperoni & Provolone, Chicken Broccoli Cheddar, and Italian Style Supreme Stromboli. Also Flatbread melts: Chicken Alfredo and Steak Mushroom Cheddar.

Kid Cuisine: KC's Karate Chop Chicken Sandwich. Breaded White Chicken Patty with rib meat on a Whole Grain bun. Mixed vegetables. Tater Puffs. Strawberry flavored popping crispies.

Southern Tier: 422 Pale Wheat Ale. Make everyday earth day. 4/17

NONNI'S Soft Baked: Tusconi. All Natural. Double Ciocclato. A soft cafe' treat made with rich cocoa, gourmet chocolate and almonds. 4/17 Also Classico now in 6-15

ShurFine: Navy Beans 4/17

Shock Top: Belgian Wheat. Belgian style wheat ale brewed with spices. 4/17

Lagunitas Pils: Czech Style Pilsner. The Lagunitas Brewing Company. Petaluma, California. 4/17

Stone Smoked Porter: North County San Diego. 4/17

Ruben & The Jets: This ale is brewed in honor of the 40th Anniversary release of this album. 4/17

Duncan Hines: New! Moist Deluxe Confetti Cupcakes. Premium cupcake mix. 4/13

Quaker True Delights: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond. Chewy Granola Bar made with Whole Grains. 4/13

Old London Melba Snacks: New Bold Flavor! White Cheddar - Whole Grain. 3/30

Sweet Sin Gluten Free Bakery Selelctions: This extensive line includes cookies, pies, brownies, cupcakes tarts and cheesecakes. Located in our Bake Shoppe in the self service refrigerated display case. These are all ready to eat---enjoy! 4/11

Old El Paso: Seasoned Black Beans in mexican style sauce. Heat & Serve microwave in pouch. Also Fiesta Rice and Mexican Rice. 3/31

Texas authentic "Hot Dog Stand": Hot Dog Relish reg or Spicy and Mustard Sauce. 3/31

Texaspete Hot Sauce: Great for chicken wings. 3/31

Orville Redenbacher's: Original Gourmet Popping Corn. net wt 30 oz. 3/31

Hapi Snacks: Hot Wasabi Peas. Wasabi Coated Green Peas. 3/31

Zatarains New Orleans: Concentrated Shrimp & Crab Boil. 3/31

Hebrew National: Deli Mustard - All natural - Premium taste since 1905. Kosher. 3/31

Reese: Jellied Mint Sauce. 3/31

Bar Harbor: All naturaal smoked wild herring fillets seasoned with cracked pepper. 3/31

Burton's: Digestive Sweetmeal Biscuits. 3/31

Filippo Berio: Olive Oil - Extra Virgin or Extra light Spray 7 oz. All Natural Spray. No additives, No odors or fumes. 0 calories 0 fat. Also Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17oz. Since 1887. 3/20

Major Tom's Pomergranate Wheat: The Fort Collins Brewery. Tart, Tangy, Refreshing. 6-12oz bottles. 3/17

Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning: Uber Pils. Six Pounders at 12oz each. 3/17

Quaker True Delights: Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry. Chewy Granola Bar made with Whole Grains. 5-1.2oz bars. 3/17

Quaker Oatmeal Pancake Mix: Made with whole Grain Quaker Oats. Good source of fiber, iron and calcium. Helps Promote Healthy Hearts. 100 percent Whole Grains. 3/17

Arizona Iced Tea: Lemon, Diet made with Splenda. No Calories. Natural Antioxidant. Real Brewed. 128 fl.oz. 3/17

Shopping and Delivery Service: This is great for the office or home! Please call 315-487-5231 for information.

Simply Orange with Mango: Not From Concentrate, 100 percent juice blend with natural flavors, Pasteurized, and Pulp Free. 3/17

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter: Cooking & Baking. Made with a Blend of Nutritious Oils. 50 % Less Saturated Fat than Butter. 0 grams Trans Fat per serving. Excellent source of Omega 3 ALA. Delicious for spreading too! 3/17

Boar's Head Deli Meats and Cheese: You will enjoy the largest and freshest variety of ultra premium quality Boar's Head products in Centreal New York. All Boar's Head selections are gluten free!

Goya: Golden Hominy 15oz. 3/6

Anzio & Sons Bakery: Ciabatta Rolls 16 oz. 3/6

Buitoni: Pesto with Basil - Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Since 1827. 3/6

Mrs. Fixit books: 3 Books all 15 percent below mfg. pricing. Easy Home Repair, Pantry Power, and You Can Do It. Dare to dream that you can do it for yourself. Clean it and reparir it faster for less. By Terri McGraw.2/2

DiLauro's Italian Bread: Now delivered daily to Nichols from the famous location on Syracuse's North Side! This crusty, oven fresh Italian Bread is "The pride of the North Side". We are also offer DiLauro's fresh pizza shells and fresh dough.

Keurig Green Mountain Coffee: Gourmet single cup. Sumatran Reserve is exotically lush, sweet, and heavy-bodied, born in the mountains of Indonesia.1/15G2: Low Calorie. Lemon- Lime or Strawberry/Kiwi. 8pk 20 fl oz. 1/30

Tostitos: Zesty Bean & Cheese Dip (Medium) & Creamy Salsa. 0 grams trans fat. 1/30

Boar's Head Cold Cuts and Cheese: Central New York's finest and freshest variety of this super premium line is at Nichols! Please know that all Boar's Head selelctions are gluten free. Stop by the fresh delicatessen to have your selelction custom sliced.

"K-Cups" for the Keurig coffee systems: These single serve cups are available in a wide variety of flavors. All 12 packs are just $6.99. Located in aisle 5 with our coffee section. 12/21

"Abuela Latino Foods: Produced by"Food Works" a food and nutrition youth program in Syracuse. The Food Works partners include Nojaim Supermarket, Pride of New York and Clear Channel. We offer the Mojo Criollo Marinade for chicken, beef and pork. In addition we have there Picante Sauce. 11/2

Bob's Red Mill: Our selection continues to be Central New York's finest with the addition of these new selections. French Green Lentils that are dark greeny dappled lentils that are prized for their rich, earthy flavor and hearty texture. Whole Grain Oat Flour is now in aisle 4. We have added four new organic selections: whole grain buckwheat pancake and waffle mix, 7 Grain Pancake and Waffle mix,High Fiber Pancake and Waffle Mix, Cornmeal Pancake and Waffle Mix. We now offer 100% stone ground whole wheat pastry flour.

Craft Beers: Click on Craft Beers to see the extensive variety of craft beers from around the world that are now available at Nichols Supermarket.


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